Sunday, July 17, 2011

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ModX Inside

There are some awesome MODs for phpBB3, but some people (especially those new to phpBB3) can be reluctant to dive into the PHP files and make the required code changes to install the MOD. phpBB does offer an “AutoMOD” solution, although it’s not perfect and can sometimes get confusing – which in turn leaves you confused wondering what to do with your half-installed MOD.

Manual MOD Installation

I will manually add any MOD on your forum. The process is simple:

1) Contact Me with a list of MODs you’d like installed on your forum, and a link to your forum.

2) I’ll get back in touch with you and let you know how long it’ll take to install your MODs.

3) Assuming you’re comfortable with the agreed price, payment needs to be sent prior to the work beginning. All payments are handled through PayPal

There are no limits to the amount of MOD’s I can install on your forum. I will install any MOD with a few exeptions. There are a wide range of MODs to choose from on the official Community forums, specifically the MOD Database Releases forum and the MODs in Development.

You can also search for mods and snippets at, where i have posted some myself.

To order this service, please Contact Me

At some point or another, I will need FTP details and Administration Control Panel login credentials. These are both absolutely essential to being able to install the MOD successfully. I recommend you make a temporary Admin account (needs Founder status to execute some installation scripts) and a temporary FTP account, so that you can delete them once the MOD is installed.

Listed below are services that I can provide for the stated price.
If you need something that is not on the list, please feel free to contact me.

Service Description Price
phpBB Install Includes file upload and database install $45.00
phpBB Advanced Install

Includes file upload, database install, 1 mod install and 1 style install (includes the editing of the style for the mod edits)

phpBB Premium Install Includes file upload, database install, 2 mods installed and 2 styles installed (includes the editing of the style for the mod edits) $65.00
Style install Includes the upload and install of 1 style $20.00
Simple mod install Includes the installation of 1 simple mod $15.00
Intermediate mod install Includes the installation of 1 medium difficulty mod $25.00
Difficult mod install Includes the installation of 1 difficult mod $35.00
Custom Work Includes any custom work done to site, starting at –>
This includes any File code alterations, snippets or any other minor add-ons!
NOTICE: This also includes any other forum work done to site!
phpBB Version update Includes version update, on a minimun modded forum, if you have many mods, might be more! $30.00

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